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Waza Solutions offers its clients complete and adaptable financial solutions. They include “Sage” licences, services to implement and support. “Waza Solutions” partners also finance computer equipment in the case of a new acquisition in the case of acquisitions of the past twelve months (leaseback).

Finance, with ease, some or all of your “Sage” projects; it is possible!

Ensuring the IT leasing

Today, the world of technology is constantly evolving and having an updated information system stands for administrative performance and productivity gains. Wise management solutions evolve with new standards and the opportunities offered by information technology. IT leasing ensures that you can simply change your software.


By giving your computer a monthly budget, you go from an « investment cycle » mode to a « constant evolution » mode.

The benefits of financing

Lease financing is a scalable solution with advantageous financing for accounting purposes and in terms of cash. IT leasing also optimizes cash management.

Your Sage projects are funded seamlessly! 

 Waza Solutions main partners :