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  • Dimo Maint

    As part of a partnership agreement dating from 2009, Sage chose the evolving range of software CMMS DIMO Maint (Maint Micro, Mini Maint, Maxi and Axel Maint Maint) to integrate the process of CMMS Sage ERP X3.

  • Sage ERP X3

    Realize your business vision With its functionalities and its international dimension, Sage ERP X3 is the first solution on the market dedicated to medium and large businesses. Sage ERP X3 is the solution expert dedicated to medium and large businesses. Flexibility, performance, customization

  • DELL Appliance

    At the age of Cloud, Sage ERP X3 and Sage HRM are designed to allow all users - mobile and remote locations - of the company to be connected in real time to a central database .

  • Sage HRM

    Sage HR Management, free yourself from time-consuming administrative tasks to focus on the strategic dimension of human resources.