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  • Sage payroll & HR

    Optimize the management of your payroll. With Sage Payroll & HR, you establish a reliable and full payroll and you opt for advanced management of your human capital.

  • Intranet HR

    A collaborative portal that puts people at the heart of your business Sage HR Intranet is a module available in Sage Payroll & HR (Pack +) and Sage HR Suite. HR portal that includes different processes available to HR teams (HRD, HRM, Payroll Manager etc.) for managers and all employees of SMEs.

  • Suite HR

    A 360 ° view of your human capital Sage HR Suite, opt for an optimized management of your payroll and your RH. Administrative management to more strategic missions, improving efficiency and responsiveness.

The range Sage Payroll & HR answers easily, intuitive and perfectly suited to your daily business needs of your pay and your human resources.