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The decentralization of “Waza Solutions” R&D allows its clients to take advantage of its high-level resources to manage the project, while optimizing the costs and delays associated with the achievement. 

€400 HT: This is the daily cost – lower than the market standards – “Waza Solutions” offers its clients the services of a consultant on “ developer”, “Sage 100 Objects Trades”, “Sage 1000 DSM 4GL Sage X3”.

“Waza Solutions” consultants are directed and controlled at two levels:

• Manager of Client project: Based in Nanterre, they are the privileged interlocutor of the client. Its role is to understand the need and understand how the customer information system, drafting detailed specifications that will form the basis of work for developers and consultants also ensure the implementation of the solution at the customer site.

• Technical Project Manager: Direct Manager consultants developers, they are both competent on the IT side and the development of management software Sage. Their mission is to validate the feasibility and duration of response to customer demand and to ensure that the project, as specified by the Director of the Client project.

This organization, combining expertise in management and IT, enables the better management of the project in order to meet the contractual commitments of cost and time.



• Cost of attractive development

• Advising a specialist management

• Comfort realization and reliability delivered.