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E-Training Solutions by Waza: Online learning 

New information technologies and communication has enabled us for several years to provide online training. Many studies have been conducted to find the best practices and tools.

Based on the results of this research, “Waza Solutions” offers its customers a new range of e-learning:

–           Short courses: between 1 and 2:30. Easier to organize, they will fit easily into your schedule. Finally, the training time is a maximum concentration in terms of yield.

–           For the session, “Waza Solutions” chose a tool with many features. The course is delivered orally, with a presentation. The consultant-trainer has the option of using the software directly and conversely, students can perform exercises to confirm their understanding of the concepts learned. All the best practices are implemented in these formations.

–           The “Waza Solutions” e-training is shorter and, therefore, less expensive. There is a real return on investment.

To optimize the use of this software, you must control all of its functionalities, and training is, therefore, essential for maximizing the gains from your project.

In total, this format is very suitable for the integration of a new employee or updating the knowledge of a trained user on an earlier version of Sage software.




-”Getting Started Sage 100 retail management”

Price: From €260

Duration: 2 hours

Training on “Sage 100 Sales Management”, reviews the classic features of “Sage 100 Gestion Commerciale”. This course is very useful and perfectly suited to a recall, an upgrade, or the integration of a new employee.

Topics covered in the training of quick start:

• Formatting business documents

• Generator Status and analysis

• Creating client/articles

• Entering and changing sales documents

Quick Start Sales Training Management Edition includes Led additional training on presenting the standard states of the Diva edition.


-”Quick Start Sage 100 Accounting”

Price: €260

Duration: 2 hours

Training Getting Started Sage 100 Accounting reviews the classic features of Sage 100 Compatibility. Very useful, this course is perfectly suited to a recall, an upgrade, or the integration of a new employee.

Topics covered in the training getting Started:

• Menus and specificities Sage

• General settings and database

• Input Mode Edition

• Regulations suppliers, customers cashing

Option Analytics: 2 h 30 €325

Training Quick Start Analytics includes additional training on the preparation of the Plan Analytics and states that accompany it.


-Product News (Accounting and Business Management)

Price: €130

Duration: 1 hour

Our 1 h training will review all the new features in the latest version installed.


– Closing Accounting Prerequisite: Accounting Sage 100, Sage 100 ECF; be trained on the basic functions of Sage 100 Accounting and Sage 100 ECF

Price: €130

Duration: 1 hour


Closing the books is an important and often stressful event. You prepare the best solution so that it goes smoothly. Training accounting and tax Closure will remind you of all the functions with provisions by Sage to assist you in this period. Implementation, explanations of the impact of the transaction closing, prerequisites, post arrested analysis, partial and complete Fence, will help you master the functions after the training.