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Piloting, anticipating, managing change, and trading! The mission of the Project Manager is to ensure consistency between the different stakeholders of the project to ensure the achievement of the objectives set by the client.

Project management is often the key element of a project to upgrade the information system, since it requires the involvement of multiple levels of expertise. The first task of project management is indeed to organize the running of the project and coordinate the work of different teams: providers – consultants, IT specialists, project managers – and mobilized by the client resources.

In other words, the responsibility of the project manager is to deliver to the customer a targeted solution while respecting the contractual obligations related to the:





“SIGMA” is the methodology of implementation created by Sage and it is used for the implementation process: “Sage Implementation Global Methodology Approach”.

SIGMA proposes an approach covering all of the components needed to conduct a project designed for future users of Sage solutions. The resulting organization allows our project managers to confidently manage the most ambitious projects – multi-module, multi-stakeholder or multi – country – providing customers with the use of best practices, facilitating checks, and phase decision-making and sharing a common vision of the desired results. SIGMA is a key methodology in all our projects, regardless of the range of Sage solutions and the importance of deployment!