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Throughout your project with your “WAZA SOLUTIONS” consultant, you will develop an ongoing relationship in an atmosphere of trust.

The main “WAZA SOLUTIONS” factor of success is a team of professional consultants.

With our teams of project managers with a relevant background and extensive experience from the largest integrators and our consultants from industry groups or audit firms, you are guaranteed to have experts involved in your project.

Our responsibility in the outcome of your project is:

• Ensure compliance with specifications, on time, on budget, and quality standards.

• Ensure that the impact of changes on the various functions of your business is taken into account.

• Facilitate the Steering Committee.

• In our business, the human quality is certainly essential but it is strengthened by our proven project management methodology. This methodology is suitable for both the simplest to the most complex projects and specific projects.

Increasingly comprehensive and powerful Sage solutions deserve more time to be devoted to them before use. Indeed, administrative productivity associated with your package is proportional to the degree of control to users. For this reason, “Waza Solutions” focuses on training. It is provided by expert consultants on Sage software. For our customers, this is the best guarantee of a good return on investment!

The features are more general to more specific. The trainer-consultant who also participated in the mission analysis and implementation knows the needs of the customer rather well. This allows them to customize the training and presented features and focus on the points that provide real value, and thus strong productivity gains.