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    At the age of Cloud computing, the Sage ERP X3 and Sage HRM that we deploy are designed to allow all users to be connected in real time to a central database.

    In this context, the reliability of the hardware platform becomes a fundamental issue.

    Scalability of the platform is a key element for the company in its transformations: see the « scalability » of the platform below.

    Waza has designed, in partnership with Dell and Sage, an appliance dedicated to Sage ERP X3 and Sage HRM based on virtualization by VmWare and vSphere, storage on San Equalogic, the Citrix remote access solution, security access CheckPoint and, of course, Dell servers.

    Advantages of Appliance:

    • High fault tolerance: The Appliance includes a minimum of two physical servers, redundancy of key components (network cards, power supplies) and Hot Spare drives in Raid 10. Thus, in case of damage, continuous service is provided.
    • Virtualization: With virtualization, we allocate to each virtual server the right level of resources to enable it to perform its functions with a higher level of performance.
    • Scalability: Faculty of adding servers, hard drives, and RAM, which shall be at least double the number of users (to check according to the Appliance).

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