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    As part of a partnership agreement dating from 2009, Sage chose the CMMS software DIMO Maint (Maint Micro, Mini Maint, Maxi and Axel Maint Maint) to integrate the process of CMMS Sage ERP X3. This partnership offers maintenance management solutions that are customized to your business infrastructure. From SMBs to multinationals, all maintenance needs are covered with CMMS fast to deploy and easy to use.

    Extend the functions on of Sage ERP X3 GMAO

    –       Equipment sheet that describes and classifies customizable good access to the history and tracking work orders

    –       Preventive intervention sheet with the ability to distinguish between internal external stakeholders with the allocation of contracts

    –       Work order form that allows you to specify if the work is under contract

    –       Sheet spare parts or consumables with conditions to Sage ERP X3 CMMS property

    –       Stakeholders visualization plug vouchers awarded work

    –       Sheet suppliers assignments parts and contract management tools

    –       Sheets suppliers and subcontractors with contracts profitability analysis

    –       Management of spare parts inventory via bar codes

    CMMS connector Sage ERP X3 benefits

    –       Expand the functional scope of Sage ERP X3 on the specialized field of maintenance

    –       Equipping technical maintenance services solution customized to their business, simple to use, scalable, and easy to deploy

    –       Avoid multiple data entry and the risk of error between business management and CMMS

    –       Enforce the rules of business management in the CMMS every step of inventory management and procurement processes (e.g. reorder point, control units, the leading provider…)

    –       Synchronize articles repositories, stocks, and suppliers to Sage ERP X3 CMMS

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