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Sage ERP X3

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    An integrated management solution for your business challenges

    In a highly competitive environment, you need to control costs and ensure a rapid return on investment while remaining innovative, flexible, and effective. You want to preserve what differentiates you in the market while benefiting from best practices.

    Anticipate and be reactive

    In a period of rapid globalization, you look for ways to expand to international markets and, therefore, need an international standard software.

    You know that teamwork is essential for success: you are looking for collaboration tools that can also be adapted to the specific nature of each profession.

    You want to improve your competitiveness. For this, you need to have a real-time view of your business which will allow you to anticipate and be reactive.

    An application to increase the productivity of your business with mobile access to information and business critical data.

    Our assets for Sage ERP X3

    –       Main Authorized Partner Sage ERP X3/HRM on Central Africa,

    –       Geographical and cultural proximity to your projects in Africa and North America,

    –       An infrastructure dedicated to Sage ERP X3 and Sage HRM allows a high level of performance and safety,

    –       International Standard Sage: more than 4,500 public companies and organizations worldwide are equipped with the Sage ERP X3 solutions and HRM,

    –       Sustainable Editor: Sage is the world’s 3rd largest management software company,

    –       Technology adapted to the centralized architecture (web client) for sites ranging from tens to hundreds of users connected simultaneously.

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