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Waza Solutions was born from the combination of four partners specialized in management and information systems for SMBs and subsidiaries of groups.

The integration of modern IT management solutions and software requires a multi-skilled team: the business approach is essential, but must be mixed with technical and organizational skills. Database, workflow automation, business intelligence, and mobility. That is what the company wants when deploying an Enterprise Payroll, Accounting, or CRM! And all in a disciplined, fiscal, and temporal context.

Our knowledge of the business software market and our expertise in understanding the company’s needs are the main strength of Waza Solutions; to help SMBs in accessing the latest technology is the main difference in our approach.

To stay close to customers, Waza Solutions always uses the most efficient and up to date tools for monitoring and maintenance; The CEO is convinced that we must constantly adapt to the major changes in their market:

• The concentration of the market help in building key international players, which leads to the weakening of regional software editors whose sustainability is not guaranteed.

• Information technology leads us to rethink the architecture of information systems, and greatly expands the range of our fields. 

• In the context of globalization, productivity is a key factor for SMEs. 


To help clients cope with these new challenges, “Waza Solutions” involves all its resources and skills in the partnership with Sage, one of the leading institutions in business software’s edition: the strong and mutual commitment in this partnership is the best guarantee for the business user to have the best solutions in Waza expertise.