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Why trust our expertise

In France, Canada, and Africa, Waza Solutions customers have the same goal: to maximize the return on investment of their IT projects. In order to reach this target, it is essential to determine and clarify the roles and responsibilities before, during, and after the project. Waza Solutions shares with its customers experience which facilitates the design and implementation of projects. It starts with the selection of the most suitable and appropriate Sage software regarding the customer needs to the starting and maintenance of the target solution.

To ensure the quality of its projects, “Waza Solutions suggests to its customers a solution based approach which still has the same benefits Mode:

• Competitiveness: The Waza Solutions development unit allows for the customization of Sage’s solutions for each customer,

• Sustainability: The selection of « industry standards » to ensure the scalability of the solution,

• Reliability: The systematic use of best practices in software,

• Profitability: The productivity gain