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For us “sustainable development” is more than a matter of “ecology” and “environment”.


Referring to the Brundtland Report (1987) or the ADEME report, “sustainable development” is a combination of three components:


– Economic


– Social


– Environment.


Add to that the fundamental notion of sustainability.


When they have decided to start Waza solutions, the first symbolic action of the owners was the choice of the name “Waza”.


The natural park Waza, located in the Republic of Cameroon, was the inspiration. It brings together around them local and international actors, and it reflects a true awareness of the need to preserve the environment while promoting the development of the local economy to meet the needs of the people, but also for the fate of future generations.


“Waza” also represents the transcontinental link between Africa, Europe, and the world, like the origins of the company founders.