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Waza Solutions in Nanterre – Paris, is an expert in the management and information systems market for SMBs, and corporate subsidiaries. 

Our employees are experts on Sage 100, Sage 1000, Sage Payroll, and “Sage” compatible software development.

In France, “Waza Solutions” is among the top ten certified “Sage” Centres of Competence. To integrate modern management solutions, multi-skilled competences are required: the business approach is essential, but must be combined with technical and organizational skills.

Database, workflow automation, business intelligence, and mobility. That is what the company is looking for when deploying Payroll, accounting, or CRM software.

Providing our market knowledge and our expertise in building a complete and customized offer is one of the main strengths of “Waza Solutions”.

Simplifying access to the latest technology for SMEs is probably our main difference. Technological improvements are constantly changing users’ requirements. The information system is becoming a new growth driver for the company.

To stay close to the needs of SMEs, “Waza Solutions” is equipped with the most efficient tools for monitoring and maintenance.

Therefore, adaptation to the major changes in the market is a necessity:

• The emergence of key international players.

• Technology and IT lead us to rethink the architecture of information systems, and greatly expand the range of possibilities,

• In the context of globalization, the quest for productivity is crucial for SMEs.

“Waza Solution” is a highly reactive actor for understanding the needs and advising SMEs-MSE. In order to help them cope with these new challenges, “Waza Solutions” commits all of its resources in partnership with “Sage”.

Every business is unique and should remain focused on its core business, “Waza Solutions” through its development centre outsourced “Sage DSM 1000”, “Sage 100 Objects Trades”, NET and Microsoft Windev.”, and Offers particularly advantageous pricing opportunities for the using company.

The business model that we have developed with the teams of “Waza Cameroon” allows us to offer competitive rates to our customers, allowing them to benefit from the latest technology used in “Sage 100 solutions”, “Sage 1000”, and “Sage ERP X3” .


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Votre partenaire Sage en France

81, avenue du Maréchal Joffre
92000 Nanterre 

Tél : 01 41 20 90 90 
Fax : 01 41 20 89 77

E-mail : contact@waza-solutions.fr